Dalet Amot: Halachic Perspectives 1

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Rabbi Enkin writes in his foreword, “‘from the day that the Holy Temple was destroyed, the Holy One blessed be He has nothing in His world except the dalet amot of halacha.’ through the study of halacha we tryuly connect with the Holy One blessed be He,”

A difficult read for me but a good read. I’ve always admired the rabbinic style of discourse, debate and teaching. Following logic from first principles is very refreshing. My vocabulary was a handicap since I needed to constantly look-up the Hebrew words so unfamiliar to me. Reading this sefer (a book, usually about Jewish study when used in English) reminds one of how through the prayerful nature of human activity one makes something sacred by his attention and energy. I trust the Jewish reader will gain much inspiration from the collection of short essays and won’t suffer from my lack of vocabulary. ( )

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