Upending Washington

Remember the Hans Christian Andersen story The Emperor’s New Clothes in which the emperor is taken in by shyster tailors who fashion him new robes out of a magic cloth that is the most beautiful ever seen and that has the additional trait of being invisible to anyone who has risen above his proper station? Only when an innocent child exclaims “He has no clothes!” is the fraud made clear since all the adults were loath to admit they were above their stations.

Well, for years we’ve had a federal government served by similar tailors known as political parties and other insiders who now fear their improper rise in station will be exposed by (and to) the innocents. I wonder how much we would save if all the “non-critical” works of our government stayed shut-down and weren’t to be retro-actively compensated for what they didn’t need to do during a supposed shut-down.

Here is one of many articles that can be read between the lines for a glimpse of the truth.

I suppose it isn’t supposed to be ironic so many, many websites and open air monuments are shut down and taped off “due to the government shut-down” while certain new ones come on-line after the so-called shut-down. Example the new health care website not only was on-line but as errors surfaced it was repaired and maintained (by little elves that come in the night to make shoes for the cobbler no doubt).

Upending Washington (via AFP)

repost-us-image-7626054Tea Party lawmakers are berated as legislative arsonists and suicidal anarchists bent on sabotaging the American political system, but their very intransigence may be key to their success in an increasingly polarized Washington. The rhetoric against…

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