The red scorpion : the true story of a ruthless Russian mob boss’s dramatic redemption…

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Rami Kivisalo’s story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of worldly power and possessions and the war between good and evil. Kivisalo tells the autobiographical story in the tone and simplicity of a Sunday school lesson. He covers practically every no-no a conservative, fundamentalist Christian congregation fears. Oriental marshal arts, illegal drugs, meditation, prostitution, murder, bribery and tattoos, lure him into and pull him into the depths of control by evil demons. The devil himself pays a personal tangible visit in an attempt to thwart Kivisalo’s repentance and redemption.

His missionary parents’ constant prayer for him and a mystical faith healer turn the tide for Kivisalo who begins a life of repentence while incarcerated. Once he accepts Jesus things immediately take a turn for the better. He overcomes the roadblocks thrown in his way by his bad habits, selfishness and the evil one by engaging the holy name of Jesus, praying as meditation and giving up the nice job and earnings he had made just before his partner was discovered to have been operating illegally.

Whether one will enjoy this book, whether one will gain from reading it or whether one should move down the book list depends on who he is and where he is in his life. I doubt the politically liberal person will tolerate it long although his counterpart in the pentecostal church may believe it is exactly he who has most to gain from it. The church members and bible study groups will appreciate the book but that is little more than the proverbial preaching to the choir.

The book is attractive to the reader, especially the 1st 2/3 because of the reader’s prurient curiosity about just what nasty enterprise will Rami get into next. ( )

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