10 Reasons Your Cell Phone Should Be GPS Enabled

GPS iphone-gpsis becoming a universal feature on all new mobile devices, and there are some great apps available to take advantage of it. We think it’s the way to go, and we’ll give you ten good reasons why your cell phone should be GPS enabled too:

  1. Driving Directions – Starting with the obvious, we like having a built in navigator. It beats having to move a standalone unit from one vehicle to another, or worse, equip each one with a separate unit. Plus …
  2. Cost Savings – It’s way cheaper to download a navigation app like Verizon’s VZNavigator, than to purchase a standalone unit. Some apps are even offered free with certain phone plans.
  3. Family Tracker – Your GPS equipped phones allows everyone to find each other quickly and easily. Think of the reduced stress on that next trip to Disney World.
  4. Find Lost Phone – Mobile apps like iPhone’s MobileMe can assist you in locating your phone when you’ve misplaced it. All you have to do is download the appropriate GPS tracking software, and you can find the location of any phone on the web. Which reminds us …
  5. Theft Recovery – That same software can also be used to recover stolen mobile devices. Just provide your local law enforcement personnel with the tracking information your app provides you and let them go to work.
  6. Emergency Services – With an active GPS enabled mobile device in your possession,  rescue personnel can locate you if for instance you were lost on a trail, injured,  or in an accident. As long as the GPS feature is enabled and the unit is turned on, you can be located in most areas.
  7. Monitor Child or Young Adult Driver – For parents who want to monitor their children, or a teen driver, the GPS enabled cell phone is a valuable tool for both safety and promoting responsible behavior. It works in much the same way that a car-installed unit does, and will track your teen’s driving habits.
  8. Fitness Buffs – There’s a whole assortment of software that you can install on your phone that will track your fitness regimen for you. If you run, hike, or cycle for instance, you can track your progress – distances, times, speeds, etc.
  9.  Group Management – If you’ve ever been at a convention, a concert, sporting event or the like as part of a group, then you can easily see the value in having GPS that will keep you all from getting irretrievably scattered. If only we’d had one of these in L.A. back in ’82 for that Who concert.
  10. Stealth Mode – OK, so you want to drop off the radar and be invisible for a while. No problem. You can go undercover anytime you choose – just turn off the GPS and you’re a ninja.

This post came to me from:  home phone service.org