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National Society of Professional SurveyorsThe National Society of Professional Surveyors is the premier voluntary professional organization for professionals practicing in fields within the umbrella of Surveying.  It is committed to doing what only a national association of surveyors can do: serving our members, improving the profession, enhancing ethical practice and advancing the practice of surveying throughout the United States and around the world. The NSPS supports the surveying profession with practical resources for surveying professionals while improving the practice by accrediting surveying schools, establishing model ethical codes, and more.  Membership is open to licensed surveyors, surveying professionals within the geospatial sciences, surveying students, and others interested in the legal, cadastral, geometric, geologic, technical and historical aspects of the profession. NSPS national headquarters are in Frederick, Maryland.

The recent annual Fall meeting in the D.C. area was the second following the recent reorganization. It included another successful annual NSPS Lobby Day during which the participants pay personal visits with their respective congressmen and senators to discuss in-person three or four issues of importance to the profession. For more information check with local society governors (see: NSPS Governors).

Among the many business items on the agenda this meeting were the review the recent SWOT analysis and report the Strategic Plan.(Abbreviated outline follows.)

  • Grow and strengthen NSPS in numbers and value.
    • Be the voice of the profession.
    • Represent all the surveyors of the USA
    • Create venues for special interests within surveying
    • Promote certificate programs for specialties.
  • Enhance NSPS communications.
    • Improve existing vehicles
    • Increase use of traditional and new media to disseminate news & information.
  • Improve professional image.
    • Maintain updated definition of surveying to include innovations and new technologies.
    • Continue and increase support surveying education programs.
  • Expand and strengthen government affairs efforts.
    • Promote legislation and government programs that maximize proper utilization of surveying data, services &c.
    • Advocate for legislation, regulations and policies that enforce and promote use of qualifications based selection (QBS)
    • Create direct communication line between NSPS and state affiliates
    • Foster greater individual participation in national governmental affairs efforts.

Another important report was that of the Nominations Committee for the upcoming elections. Those readers who are members are reminded to look for your ballot. Please exercise your important privilege of voting! The officers’ slate follows:

  • President (elected on last ballot as President-elect):
    • Patrick A. Smith, RPLS – President-elect, Texas
  • President-elect:
    • Jon Warren, PLS – Vice president, Washington
    • Debra Juhasz-Anderson,PLS – Governor, Montana
  • Vice president:
    • J. Anthony Cavell, PLS, CFedS – Governor, Louisiana
    • Henry Dingle, RLS – Governor, South Carolina
    • Jan S. Fokens, PS – Director, Michigan

(Yep, that’s yours truly listed up there for V.P. If you are a member and so-inclined, your support is requested and appreciated. But in any case, make your opinion count … VOTE!)


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