Memory and Recall Facts

Memory and Recall: 10 Amazing Facts You Should Know

Memory Leaking HeadI just read a very  interesting article about memory and recall. Follow the link above to read it for yourself.

“It’s often said that a person is the sum of their memories. Your experience is what makes you who you are.

“Despite this, memory is generally poorly understood, which is why many people say they have ‘bad memories’. That’s partly because the analogies we have to hand—like that of computer memory—are not helpful. Human memory is vastly more complicated and quirky than the memory residing in our laptops, tablets or phones.”

1. Memory does not decay

2. Forgetting helps you learn

3. ‘Lost’ memories can live again

4. Recalling memories alters them

5. Memory is unstable

6. The foresight bias

7. When recall is easy, learning is low

8. Learning depends heavily on context

9. Memory, reloaded

10. Learning is under your control

Check it out. I’ll bet you’ll like it.



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