How to Find an Expert

Are you an expert? Are you an attorney looking for an expert? I’ve found a very informative website that brings the two together and offers helpful advice as well.

Today’s article by Stephen Gomez is a good example, How Working with an Expert Witness is Like a Marriage

These first two paragraphs from his post will give a good example:

Expert/Client = Marriage
Expert/Client = Marriage

“Modern litigation is marked by complexities and specialized subject matter. From cases involving brain injuries to automobile accidents, experts are used to discuss the specifics of the case and to explain elements to the litigating parties and the jury. Additionally, experts can work with the attorney to provide useful insights as they go through the case.

In this way, the expert witness can assist the attorney. Obviously, the motivations and roles of the two parties are different, with an attorney being an advocate for her/his client, and the expert being brought in to act as an objective observer on an element (or elements) of the case. Still, this does not prohibit the expert and attorney from working together, and, in one specific way, their relationship is very similar to a marriage: COMMUNICATION IS KEY.”

If you have any interest in securing or providing expert services, pay the site a visit and see what may be there for you as well.


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