People Need People

Queenie Turrill

The Courage to Stand Still

Queenie Turrill

Queenie Turrill (Linda Bassett)

“I am no more than a bee-keeping wife, sir and I ain’t never had business and achievements.  So I can’t speak for their comforts.  But, I do have something that you don’t have.  I have lived a whole life, and that gives you something to pass on.

“What matters is people, you can’t look into the eyes of your machine, sir, and see its soul, your neighbors, family, someone to love.  As you get older, the thing you treasure above all else is belonging.  If, God-willing, you live as long as I have, sir, you will see that people need people…   Just the way God made us.

“And if we fight it and deny it. Well, we tend to get mighty prickly.”

— Queenie Turrill (Lark Rise to Candleford)

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